Move Out Checklist - Rehabitat

Please find below a checklist for vacating your unit. Upon final inspection these are the items that will be considered when releasing your damage deposit.

*Please note: A) Do not attempt to crack fill. If any crack filling is required, the painters will do it. B) It is important to make sure that the fridge is plugged in, on and closed when you leave. C) Also, please remember it is your responsibility to dispose of all garbage properly; do not leave garbage in your unit or on the grounds of Rehabitat properties. You will be charged for any of the above items not being done or any of your belongings or garbage that is left behind.


Keys returned to Housing Alternatives.

Clean cabinets inside and out

Clean all closets and wash walls

Clean sink

Clean baseboards, trims and all marks from walls

Clean refrigerator and stove thoroughly and leave refrigerator on

Sweep and mop floors

Clean range hood and filter

Was all windows and clean any mildew

Clean floors and under all appliances

Clean all heaters

Remove all garbage and belongings from the unit

Leave outside area tidy and free of garbage

Do not attempt any crack filling.

All thermostats set to 15 degrees celsius