Kit Hickey - Executive Director

Kit has spent her career tirelessly advocating for co-op and non-profit housing. Her passion is development however she is qualified in all aspects of management including human resource management, accounting, business planning and government relations. Kit is the past President of the New Brunswick Non-Profit Housing Association, Treasurer of the local chapter of the Women's Empowerment Network, member of the Housing Working Group of the Business Community Anti-Poverty Initiative, and Secretary/Treasurer of the board of The One Change Inc. among others.

Chris oversees the upkeep of over 600 units in the greater Saint John area. He co-ordinates all aspects of development and renovations for our projects; his vast skill set and knowledge sets him apart from the rest. Chris is an integral part of the Housing Alternatives team. 

Chris Caines - Technical Services Coordinator
Allison Ferris - Client Services Coordinator

Allison is responsible for all aspects of office administration, human resources and client satisfaction at Housing Alternatives. She is part of the Housing First Saint John team, works directly with the newly amalgamated Unified Saint John Housing Co-operative as well she supports a number of non profit housing boards of directors in our portfolio. Allison also delivers workshops for CHF Canada and the New Brunswick Non Profit Housing Association (NBNPHA).

Crystal Scott - Rooming House Coordinator

Crystal has joined our team as the Rooming House Coordinator. Crystal has extensive experience working with clients and community agencies in the Saint John area.

Sarah is a member of our Housing First and Organized Departure programs team. Sarah is an experienced professional in the human services field with extensive volunteer community involvement over the years.

Sarah Galbraith - Outreach

Cindy is an integral part of our admin team. She is responsible for all aspects of our payables process and making sure that our systems are current continue to stay up and running!

Cindy Lanigan - Accounts Manager
Rose St. Pierre - Accounts Receivable

Rose is responsible for the accounts receivable. She plays an important role in our excellent customer service and is often the voice at the other end of the line when you call our office.

Shyanne is the newest member of the accounting team. Shyanne's efficiency, positive attitude and willingness to help has made her a valued addition to the team.

Shyanne Beddow - Accounting Clerk

Jonathan oversees the maintenance services for all of our properties, over 600 in all. This includes exterior and interior inspections and getting all units ship shape for potential residents. Jonathan’s experience and easy-going manner are appreciated by his staff, our many service providers and our clients.

Jonathan Smith - Maintenance Coordinator
Stefen Caines Carpenter, Maintenance Services

With new property management contracts and development, the need for carpentry services became evident. Stefen's excellent work and attention to detail allows us to continue to deliver the highest quality of service to our many residents.

Guy is responsible for the interior painting done in our buildings. His quiet, steady manner and superior work ethic allows us to have units ready in record time, with the quality of work unsurpassed.

Guy Bernatchez - Painter
Lolie Daley & Arcola Cooke - Maintenance Services

Our janitorial staff are familiar, friendly faces to many of our residents. They roam the city, providing excellent custodial services to all of the properties in our portfolio. Their hard work and commitment is a big part of why we continue to attract new residents to our many properties.

Dave Poirier, Stephen Casey, & John Lawrence - Maintenance Technicians

Quick, professional service provided by our maintenance team, each and every time they arrive at one of our apartments to carry out a repair.